How can I check if my CMP is working?

First check that the CMP displays correctly on the page. Note: that there are lots of different CMP implementations and they are often heavily customisable:

Where consent does not already exist, the CMP and tags will delay triggering the start of the auction and initial user sync until some form of interaction (explicit consent / lack of consent) is provided by the end user.

Upon submitting consent, in Developer Tools under the Application tab, you’ll see an `euconsent` cookie stored:

The Consent String (aka Daisybit) looks similar to this (it’s a Base64 encoded binary string):


This Consent String will be included within all subsequent AdServer and User Sync HTTP requests. You can check this by looking within the Network Tab in Developer Tools:

Depending on the tag type (Sat / Prebid / Zero) the consent data will be included within either the JSON encoded payload in the request body or as a query string parameter.