What Is The Switch Universal Passback Tag (UPT) And How Would I Use It?

Switch Universal Passback Tag

The Universal Passback is a simple iFrame tag that allows advertisers to pass back an impression to the Switch adserver, without the need for a separate tag per zone/size.

When Switch deliver an advert to a publisher’s site(s), it is delivered it along with some encoded key information, including but not limited to the Ad Unit ID and Banner ID.

When the passback tag is delivered in the delivery frame, it looks for said information and triggers a passback for that banner/zone combination to send directly to the adserver.

Implementing the Universal Passback Tag

The Universal Passback Tag is a simple iFrame tag and should be trafficked this way. The passback tag does not need to have a size or ID set to enable it to work, and the same tag can be used for all sizes of display tags.

Simply provide this to the tag provider, and when their own tags are called in Switch and they do not wish to fill the impression, they can pass the impression back using the UPT.

Guidance notes

  • Where possible, and if your adserver has the option, traffic the UPT as HTML rather than JS
  • Adverts will not display when previewing the UPT
  • It is important that you do not document.write the UPT
  • The UPT is universal for all sites and sizes within one account
  • You may find we provide more than one tag if you choose to run across a variety of our inventory. These tags will have slight differences in the URLs. If this is the case, simply follow the instructions as to what tag is needed for each of the sites.
  • If using Google AdX, then its possible to load our UPT by extracting the domain from the tag and entering it as the backup ads URL. E.g:
  • The Universal Passback Tag has a cachebuster built in.
  • The Passbacks metric in the Query Tool is populated with impressions registered via this tag.

Note: This tag is NOT for using to passback impressions that are not monetised via RTB.