How do I submit a domain to be linked to RTB?

Switch are happy to work with owned and operated (ONO) sites, plus managed sites where relationships are documented, provided they pass our brand safety guidelines.

If bringing a new site onboard, we recommend submitting for audit first to avoid any unnecessary setup in the event the site fails brand safety and cannot be linked to RTB.

To do this, please raise a ticket providing the details of the website's you wish to be reviewed and linked to RTB.

Once you have an approved response from our auditing team, you can create the site and placements, link to remnant then create a ticket as above to link RTB.

Please note Switch will need to see our lines in the sites Ads.txt file before linking to RTB.

Alternately, for new sites that are approved, you are welcome to fill in the import websites template including passbacks and the support team can upload this for you.

If you are adding a new ad unit to an existing audited site, then simply create your placement, link to remnant or other house campaigns etc and raise a ticket for the support team to link the new Ad Unit to RTB for you.