How do I implement click macros in third party tags?

If your third party tag does not contain a placeholder for macro insertion, follow the guides below to ensure that clicks are tracked.

Switch have a number of different macros to offer. A list of all these, including our click macro can be found here.

You can ask the tag provider to revise the tag

Feel free to go back to the tag provider. They can revise the tag so that it includes a placeholder within the code.

There are various tag types so it is impossible to provide a definitive placeholder list, although the popular ad ops site ‘’ provides an extensive list (linked below).

Google also has a guide for their own tags:

Adjust the code

If the above is not an option, you can try implementing the Switch click macro {clickurl} after the href=’’ in the tag.

Please be advised the {clickurl} can only be implemented after the href=’’ if the tag contains both href and src within the code.

Change the third party tag into a flash or gif file

The last option is to change the third party redirect code into an image file (swf, jpeg or gif). To do this, start off by previewing the creative within a tag test tool (example tag test tool provided below).

Once you can see the image has loaded,right-click and save image as. Next, you’ll then need to obtain the destination URL by clicking on the ad.

Once either of the above guides have been completed, you’ll need to upload it into the UI.