Identifying Cookies

Searching for Cookies

Whether you’re curious what cookies are stored on your browser or you want to double check a retargeting campaign you have setup and is firing the relevant Switch cookie then below  is a guide on how to view your cookies on Google Chrome:



1 Go to the Chrome menu icon and click 'Settings'

2 Click "Show advanced settings" at the bottom

3 In the "Privacy" section, click "Content settings" button

4 In the "Cookies" section, Click "All cookies and site data"

5 If you have setup a retargeting pixel, you will find the cookie under the Switch domain your account is hosted on. The two Cookies will be identifiable differently, Image Pixels cookie will be identifiable via the “RCA_?” name. If it’s a JS pixel it will be identifiable via the below screenshot, then in the “content” of the cookie there will be a number which is associated to the pixel you have created in the Ad-Server. If you check the pixel the “I” value will be the same as the content value.