Capturing campaign, banner and ad unit information

Google Chrome can be used to identify an ad on the website by using the Inspect Element tool to see the HTML of the page. You can use the magnifying glass option to view the ad source. Please see screenshot below.




Once you have found the ad using the magnifying glass option, the HTML (as illustrated above in the red box above) will be highlighted. This is essential in order to find where the ad has delivered from, or where the blank ad is delivering from. You will need to obtain the HTML as illustrated below. 


This 'beacon' part of the HTML is essential in finding where the banner is coming from, by clicking on the > next to the "<div id="beacon" this will show the delivery of the ad.

Right click on this - Copy - CopyouterHTML and past this string into a text editor.

Within this string you can find the campaignid, bannerid and ad unitid which you can use to identify the source of the ad and block where appropriate in Ad Quality.

You can also capture the chainid (chid) which can be sent via ticket to support if required for further investigation.