How do I setup a collapsing Ad Unit?

Collapsible Ad Units 

In order to create ad units that automatically collapse when no campaign monetises an opportunity, please follow the below steps:

First you will need to create your ad unit, or update your pre-existing ad unit. 

On the ad unit, you will need to add an additional ad unit size of 1x1, you can type this in the box above and hit enter on the keyboard to add this custom size. 

Next you will need to link a 1x1 blank 3rd party redirect banner to the ad unit, typically this would be a remnant banner so that when an opportunity is not monetised, the ad unit will then collapse so nothing is shown on the website. 

Leave the 3rd party redirect box blank, in order for nothing to deliver into the ad unit. 

Once saved, this will then need to be linked to the ad unit. 

Once the invocation code has been implemented to the website, the remnant 1x1 blank banner will now collapse when the opportunity is not monetised.