Troubleshooting an bad/blank ad on IE

Similar to capturing an HAR with Chrome/Firefox, the following can be done with IE albeit slightly differently. 

  • Firstly open developer tools (F12), If you are using a new version of IE and wish to experience  issues relating to an older version of IE you can emulate the version of your choice. Navigate to the emulation tab and then  change 'document mode' to the IE version of your choice. It's fairly accurate in emulating the browser version however, user agent targeting won't work.  

  • Reload the page and then go to network tab, enable network traffic capture (see screenshot).

  • Refresh  page until you experience the offending creative/Issue.

  • Right click and select all in the network tab, export captured traffic (Floppy disk logo with arrow).

  • Save as CSV file and send across to Switch, accompanied with context around the issue.