How do I troubleshoot delivery on standard campaigns?

If you are having trouble with a standard campaign that is not delivering, it is best to go through the below checks to ensure that the campaign is eligible to deliver:

  • Check to ensure that the campaign is live
  • Check the impression limit, ensure that there are enough impressions to be delivered
  • Check that frequency capping is enabled/disabled 
  • Check to ensure that the campaign or banners are linked to the correct ad units
  • Check the banner delivery limitations, are these set up correctly?
  • Check the ad unit limitations, are there any in place and will this cause the banner not to deliver?
  • Are there any Exclusive campaigns that are linked to the ad unit that have an unlimited impression limit?

If all of the points above have been checked and there are no issues with the setup, the next thing to look into would be the floor price. Here is an example of when the floor price being too high will not allow a standard campaign to deliver.

  • The floor price of the ad unit is £0.15p
  • There are 3 standard campaigns with CPM prices of: £0.30, £0.20 and £0.10


On the image above, it shows the 3 standard campaigns 'Switch Standard Campaign, Switch Standard Second Campaign & Switch Standard Third Campaign'. Because the floor price has been implemented at £0.15, this means that only campaigns with a CPM of £0.15 or higher are eligible to deliver impressions through this ad unit. 

So in the example above, Switch Standard Second Campaign at £0.20 and Switch Standard Third Campaign at £0.30 are eligible to deliver through this ad unit, however the Switch Standard Campaign at £0.10 will not deliver and there is a warning triangle on the 'Bid (£)' column to show that this has not delivered.