What is an Artificial Bid Rate (ABR)?

An ABR is a tool that allows a Standard campaign’s bid rate to be increased without affecting the reported revenue and eCPM of the campaign. This increased bid rate allows the campaign to be prioritised over higher paying campaigns in the same auction, depending on the ABR set.

For example, a campaign with a booked CPM of £5 could have an ABR applied to allow it to bid at a CPM rate of £6. This allows the campaign to be prioritised over other campaigns priced below £6, where they may have previously been outbid for that given request without the ABR. However, the campaign continues to report at the actual rate it pays, £5. So in our example, after 10,000 impressions had been delivered by the campaign, revenue would be £25 and the eCPM would still be £5.

Why would I use it?

An ABR is useful to boost the prioritisation of a campaign. There are a number of reasons you may want to do this; to ensure delivery for a new advertiser, to boost performance for a campaign with strict targeting or to aid a campaign that is under delivering due to competition on it’s linked ad units.

How do I set it up?

The ABR is set on the campaign edit page under the advanced metrics. 

Simply tick the box and enter the artificial rate you’d like the campaign to bid at. Underneath see the number of impressions per ad unit the ABR applies to. Note this is per ad unit, so if the campaign and banners are linked to 3 ad units and 3,000 is entered that’s a total of 9,000 impressions delivering at the specified ABR. This is essentially a cap to avoid prolonged devaluation of the inventory by selling it for less than can be achieved by other campaigns. Alternatively, this can be applied for the life of the campaign by ticking the “Full Campaign duration” box.