Why is it important to disclose Privacy and Cookie policies?

Privacy and Cookie Policies: What are they?

If you are a publisher that uses a tracking solution to collect information about your visitors, you are required by law to ask your visitors for consent to be allowed to do this. You could also be collecting data to use in your marketing and content strategies or the ad providers that you are using might be collecting cookies to provide more targeted ad content.

In 2011, all EU countries adopted a new cookie EU Directive that gives the visitors rights to refuse cookies that reduce their privacy online. Each EU country has updated their own laws to comply with this. Compliance in United Kingdom meant an update to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

“All websites owned in the EU or targeted towards EU citizens, are now expected to comply with the law.” –

If your website is visited by citizens from within the EU, you, as a publisher, are therefore required to comply with the law and offer a transparent service to your visitors by providing them with clearly defined Privacy and Cookie policy.

Why is a Privacy and Cookie Policy important?

By complying with the Cookie law, you are giving your visitors, as well as companies that you are working with, confidence in the clarity of your operations.

“The 2013 Truste Privacy Index survey found that 91% of people said they avoid doing business with companies they don’t believe protect their online privacy.”

By following the rules discussed above, you will build better trust amongst your visitors, which could lead to increased interaction on your website.

It is also becoming a necessity amongst the Ad serving companies, as well as demand sources, to monitor and follow the new regulations. All parties taking part in the ad serving transaction are responsible to ensure that this good practice is exercised throughout the chain.

Switch is working with publishers as well as demand sources to help us all align and follow the new regulations, to create more open and fair environment for internet users and businesses alike.

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