Why is the eCPM in reports below the floor price?

Switch will never monetise inventory below the floor price placed on an ad unit. The CPM of both Standard and RTB campaign’s must exceed the floor price in order for the banners under that campaign to be eligible to serve to the ad unit. However both Remnant and Exclusive campaign types are not required to exceed the floor price in order to serve.

The eCPM is a calculated average; revenue/impressions*1,000. Therefore viewing a report that will include impressions from Remnant and/or Exclusive campaigns (e.g. “Network” or “Website” reports) could result in an eCPM lower than the floor price on an ad unit.

To see an accurate eCPM for Switch and/or 3rd party demand; a report that looks at the advertisers/campaigns in more granularity must be viewed. This can be built in the Query Tool.