Targeting variables and parsing into third parties

This document outlines how you can target against variables that you have parsed into the Switch tags and also how to parse these on to 3rd parties that you may be serving via Switch. Before you can do either of these things, the Switch Invocation Code must be edited enabling the variables to be parsed into Switch.

Variable Targeting:

Targeting a variable is set up under a banner’s Delivery Options:

1. Navigate to Relevant Advertiser>Relevant Campaign> Relevant Banner> Delivery Options
2. Click “add delivery option” 
3. Select “Site-Variable”, click next
4. Select appropriate "Variable", "Name" (Key) and "Value" for what you are targeting, click apply. 

Parsing Variables to 3rd Parties:

Once the variable has been set up in the Switch tag, it’s very simple to parse this to a third party served via Switch. When the key for the variable is created a magic macro can be used. For example if the key is gender, the macro would be {gender}.

This macro will populate with the value against this key when the tag is loaded. The macro will need to be inserted into the third party tag when uploaded on the banner page. The third party provider should be able to give placeholder or clear direction as to where this value is required within their tag.