Implementing & ensuring 3rd party pixels are firing

If a 3rd party advertiser has given you an ad tag with additional impressions/click trackers you can implement these in the “Advanced” section once uploading your banner. Please note we can only implement HTML scripts and not URLs.

It’s advisable to append this to the banner and this will ensure the banner has rendered before the 3rd party pixel fires; this method is advisable for accurate reporting purposes against the 3rd party advertiser’s stats.  

When testing a 3rd party pixel to ensure its firing, on a test page. Implement the Switch Invocation code on your webpage/test page.  Open up Google developer tools by Right-clicking on any page element and select Inspect Element. Navigate to the Network tab and you should see the script fire off after just after the Switch has confirmed the banner has delivered (Lg.php is the confirmation script our banner has rendered)


Another tool which is useful is Ghostery which tells you exactly what companies, ad networks, and tracking services are being downloaded from a web page.