I'm seeing blank ads, why is this and what can I do to fix?

1)    Problem – Remnant/passback tag not present in the Remnant campaign.

       Solution – Ask publisher to provide Remnant tag(s).


2)    Problem - Code missing/incorrect in the Remnant tag

       Solution – If you are testing the tags this way they won't display in a html file, this is because there is no http protocol in our tags to mimic the page they are on and to retrieve the necessary information. Instead you will need to test our tags on a hosted domain.

Please Note: Keep in mind the banner preview which should display the ad, even though the ad code works the preview may sometimes not  display but it would still be worth mentioning to the publisher so they can make sure the banner displays fine as well.

3)    Problem - Remnant campaign not linked.

       Solution – Link Remnant campaign to the appropriate website in the adserver. 

4)    Problem - Issue on the Website which may be interfering with the ads displaying.

       Solution – Check the site for the following:

Does the site appear to be functioning correctly?

Refresh the site a few times to see if a blank ad displays.

Check the website in the ‘Inspect Element’ section to see if the whole code is present, if parts of the code are missing then this could be the issue.

Is the Remnant/passback tag still present? When the publisher implements the Switch Invocation code onto their site, they are also supposed to remove the Remnant tag so that the Invocation code replaces the Remnant tag. If it is not removed then both tags will be trying to fill the ad placement which may interfere with the Invocation code and no ads would be displayed.

Check the tool ‘Ghostery’ to see if the Switch tags on the site are calling the adserver.

5)    Problem - Passback Tag not working

       Reasoning -  Our passback is perhaps slightly different than ones you have worked with in the past, when our IFrame passback is triggered there isn’t a demand stack immediately in place for it to call, as a result you will not see any adverts delivered. Whereas standard passback tags would reference an environment to call, our passback tag work more as a process or function whereby it retrieves information from the Initial Switch tag on the page such as Zone ID/Banner ID.

It can do this because we pass the whole demand stack into the initial iFrame placed on the page therefore if you are testing this out, purely by your banner tag there will be nowhere for our passback tag to reference.

So when our universal passback is triggered, it looks to the initial Switch tag on the page and gathers the necessary information to present that opportunity to the next advertiser in the demand stack. Therefore when only testing the universal passback tag without switch tag it will not deliver.