What could be the cause of the discrepancies I am seeing?


  • Ask the 3rd party for detailed statistics for the campaign. These should include a daily breakdown for each creative.
  • Pull the same detailed stats from the adserver for your campaign and compare both stats.
  • Analyse whether you can see significant discrepancies for a certain banner, a certain day or a certain hour.
  • Establish if geo-targeting was applied and whether the geo stats match up.
  • Verify if a specific website or zone shows large differences in numbers.
  • If you bought inventory from external sources, check with the suppliers. Confirm they had requested restrictions, such as caps, time- or geo-targeting, applied correctly.
  • Make sure the creative was implemented correctly. If you provided a supplier with tags, check with them regarding the implementation of these tags.
  • Different adservers will always produce some discrepancies, simply due to different technical set ups. In general, discrepancies up to 10% are considered as normal.