How do I create a test website?

Occasionally you may be asked for a test website to see banners live before committing to running a campaign with you.

There are a number of ways to achieve this:

IP Targeting

If the client is able to provide you with their IP address, then you can setup the campaign/banners and link to the desired website, and add their IP as a delivery limitation so only they can see the banners in situ.

To do this, create your campaign and banner, then navigate to "Delivery Limitations" on the banner in question and add a limitation for the clients IP.

Please refer to the manual link on the page for a guide.

Test Website

Another way is to create a dummy/test website for the client to view.

Within the platform create a website and ad units, then create the campaign and banners and link.

Take the test websites Invocation Codes and get your web developer to create a test page and place these on there then give your client access to this test page.

Please refer to the in-UI manual on how to create websites, ad units, campaigns, banners and link.